What is required for enrollment in the Suboxone/Subutex program?

There are no requirements as such. Counseling services are not included, but our staff will guide you in the process to get counseling services appropriate to your treatment phase. An appointment is offered after intake forms are completed and necessary fees have been paid.

Is Suboxone prescription covered by Insurance?
Your prescriptions are covered by your prescription plan. Some prescription plans cover it. All of them require pre-authorization. You and your doctor have to follow that procedure before you can get the medication. Call your prescription plan and ask them if it is covered, what is required for pre-authorization (download forms), for what duration is it covered, the quantity limits on it, and your out of pocket costs. Most importantly follow the rules of our program, because if you get discharged for violation of our policy, your pre-authorization also terminates. You will have to apply again, and it is unlikely that you will get it.
How much does Suboxone cost?

Suboxone film costs $8 to $10 per 8mg/film. Generic Buprenorphine (what people call Subutex) costs $4 to $5 per 8mg tablet. Brand name Subutex costs the same as the Suboxone film. Patients generally start at two to four tablets/films/day. On the average, patients take one to two tablets/films/day and gradually reduce it … so your medication costs will be $10-$20 per day … much less than what you would spend on obtaining drugs illegally.

What are the counselor's fees?

Private counselors charge anywhere from $75 to $150/session. You are required to see them once every one to two weeks in the beginning. If your policy provides for behavioral health services, then it may be covered with some limitations … total number and frequency of sessions required for each patient will vary based on your progress in treatment. Group sessions are also another psychotherapy option that is available.​

About my practice

I am accepting new patients.

We are in Network with Atnea and have optioned out all Medicaid plans.
Payment is required at the time of service.
My primary specialty is an addiction specialist and I’m a psychiatrist by training.


Has anyone tried to override Naltrexone?

Yes. There has been a published attempt to overcome Naltrexone with a large dose of Fentanyl reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, June 17, 1998–Vol.279, No. 23 Letters. It is very dangerous and could be fatal.​

Will I get sick if I take a Naltrexone pill while I'm still using ?

​Yes!!! Very sick. The worst withdrawal that you can have. Nothing helps much to make it go away faster or relieve the symptoms and some things like Valium and Xanax will make it worse.

Do you accept insurance ?

We are in network with Atnea and have optioned out of Medicaid plans. We provide documentation for out of network coverage. The codes we tend to bill include 90792 for the intial evaluation and 99212 + 90836 or 99213 + 90833 for follow-up visits.

Our services are also an eligible expense for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Our staff will discuss fees with you in your brief evaluation over the phone which is done free of charge. When you come in for an office visit, payment is expected at the time of your visit. Cash, credit cards and checks are all accepted. You will be given a receipt with all of the information that will allow for submission to your insurance company.

What is the difference between Methadone and Buprenorphine?

​Methadone is not used to treat drug addiction. It is offered by Methadone clinics (with Government assistance) at a low cost as a maintenance program. The reasoning behind this is that if addicts can get opioids in a safe way, through legal channels from a Methadone clinic, then this will reduce criminal activity. It also gives the clinic an opportunity to offer counseling and education, do blood tests to diagnose and treat communicable diseases that are common in this population … and thus reduce the health hazards to the community. The program requires that the patient go to the Methadone clinic every day to get this medication. This is a problem for people who work, study or live too far away from a Methadone clinic or lack transportation.

​Buprenorphine (Suboxone) treatment is now available. It does not require admission to a facility and does not require daily trips to the clinic. You can use this method in the comfort of your home and continue to work or attend school. You do not have to explain any long absences because this is not an inpatient treatment and only the people closest to you will know about it.  

How long does the treatment last?  That depends on the patient. It depends on their level of motivation and self discipline. They can complete their treatment in as little as one month. Most take much longer. Some take more than a year. In general, the longer a person has used drugs … the longer one will take to successfully complete the treatment. Average treatment time is 1-2 years.


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