According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths from prescription pain medications have reached epidemic levels in the past decade. The number of overdose deaths from pain medications is now greater than those of deaths from heroin and cocaine combined. A big part of the problem is non-medical use of prescription pain medications—using drugs without a prescription, or using drugs just for the “high” they cause. In 2010 about 12 million Americans (age 12 or older) reported non-medical use of prescription painkillers in the past year. Information can be found here.

Personalized Opiate Addiction Treatment Options

Care First offers personalized, confidential outpatient opiate addiction treatment starting with comfortable and caring physician-directed detoxification. Whether a patient has become addicted to OxyContin®, Vicodin®, Heroine or other opiates, Care First’s pain medication addiction treatment program utilizes evidence-based medicine, combined with exceptional psychotherapy and integrative healing methods including: meditation, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, nutritional supplements and exercise whenever appropriate.

Opiate Addiction Treatment for Teens

Teenagers are especially vulnerable to prescription opiate drug abuse and addiction. They generally believe that pain medications are safe and they are often drawn to experimentation. Dr. Wassef has treated hundreds of teens that have become addicted to prescription painkillers including Vicodin® and OxyContin®.

Outpatient detoxification from narcotic painkillers such as Oxycodone, Percocet, Vicodin, and Lortab as well as Heroin and Morphine.

Suboxone is an excellent medication for the outpatient detoxification from narcotic painkillers such as Oxycodone and Percocet. It is considered to be very safe, with a low risk of overdose. Suboxone is also unique in that in order to start the medication, the patient has to be somewhere between early to moderate withdrawal. If the medication is started too early, it will cause precipitated withdrawal, which is more severe than regular withdrawal. I use a number of medications to make patients more comfortable overnight before they start Suboxone the next day.

Some patients choose to not go on Suboxone maintenance after detox and choose Vivitrol ® or drug free recovery. My goal is to detox you off of Oxycontin or Heroin and remain opioid or opiate free. See here for information about TMS THERAPY SERVICES

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