Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) consists of recurrent depressive episodes characterized by low mood, poor concentration and energy, disturbance of sleep and appetite, loss of interest in previously pleasurable activities, and feelings of guilt or shame. Depression may result in suicide or suicide attempts for many people. Learn information about New Brunswick, NJ here.


Many women choose to avoid antidepressant medications during pregnancy, but worsening depression symptoms could put patients in great danger. Based on a number of studies, TMS appears to be a promising treatment option for pregnant women who do not wish to take antidepressant medications. Many protocols have used exclusively right sided treatment with slow frequency stimulation to minimize the number of pulses needed to treat an episode. Thus far there have been no untoward effects to the developing baby


The depression symptoms of Bipolar Disorder are similar to Unipolar Depression (also called Major Depressive Disorder or MDD) and may include an individual being withdrawn from family and friends, showing noticeably little interest in usually pleasurable activities, and perhaps a significant change in weight or sleep. Persons with Bipolar Disorder also tend to have low energy levels during their depressive periods, and may have a hard time concentrating. In its most serious forms, these periods may result in thoughts of death or suicide. Depression symptoms of Bipolar could be managed by TMS treatment after manic symptoms control. Discover facts about Care First TMS Center : Mental Health & Addiction

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